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What are silent sessions, and why do we offer them?

What is a silent session?

It really is as it sounds – a silent appointment is an appointment… that is silent! Simple, right? These are offered   the chit-chat stops and everyone relishes in the sound of silence. With a little soft background music of course! The only conversation required will be as necessary, to get an understanding of what you want/need/comfort checks etc.

Why offer silent sessions?

To remove the pressures of engaging in conversation. For those who prefer to unwind and relax without  having to force interactions.

Or for those of us who are socially anxious or introverted. 

It's a nice and inclusive gesture overall, no matter the reason for the client's preference for a silent session.

Additional information/Tips

Feel free to bring headphones,airpods, earbuds etc to give a more relaxing session.

You may request your preferred music.

This is your experience, do not feel pressure to engage in the typical salon chit-chat, ask for what you need and we will accommodate.

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